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Agile Talks

Cristina Morariu

Cristina Morariu, PMP, PhD

Cristina Morariu, PMP – Cristina has obtained the MSc. degree in Computer Science in 2006 at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and in 2013 obtained her PhD. degree in automatic control at Polytechnics University of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science. She is the mother of two, passionate about Tarantino movies and Artificial Intelligence. As a day to day job, Cristina is a Project Manager at SOFTVISION.

Presentation Title: Artificial Intelligence and Management I Download the presentation here!

AI starts to play an increased role in our daily lives. Advances in deep neural networks design after 2010 have allowed development of deep learning based classifiers for natural language processing, concept extraction, emotion analysis, and speech/image recognition. These are now the building blocks for future applications that promise to change and normalize both human-machine and machine-machine interactions. In this talk we will discuss evolution of AI with the goal of understanding how it will impact our activities, in an IT and management perspective, in near and medium terms.

Matei Puiu.jpg

Matei Puiu, Agile Coach and Design Thinking Practitioner

I am doing Agile Project Management, Agile Consultancy and Coaching, Design Thinking for over 10 years, with both traditional (PMI-PMP) and Agile certifications (PMI-ACP), in both non-IT and IT companies

Experienced in implementing big scaled AGILE projects in very different industries - Retail (Warehouse, ERPs, Electronic Cash Registers, Sales Force Automation), Finance (outsourcing for big finance players), Container Shipping Industry (big Agile and Design Thinking Scaled Mobile Transformation with 30+ Agile team), IT (contractor as Agile Project Manager, Agile Coach and Design Thinking practitioner in for IBM over 5 years, in Agile Scaled Cloud Services Programs with 200+ off-shore team members in 30 Scrum Teams in parallel, Mobile Factory Digital Transformation Programs), Oil & Gas industry (Innovation Garages, Design Thinking lead Garages – products and services, Mobile Factory Apps)

Experienced in R&D and start-ups environments for E-ON Innovation Garages - with Agile and DESIGN THINKING, launching new products and services in 6 to 12 weeks MVPs.

Presentation Title: How to create SEXIER products for Customers, using Design Thinking I Download the presentation here!

How do you generally do it with Agile? You build User Stories which YOU think that it will fix Customer’s pains (normally they are generated by an IT manager from the client, based on some inputs he/she has from the Customer – at 3rd hand…)

How will you do it with Design Thinking? You will dig for CUSTOMER Insights, in order to find out directly from Customers what are their biggest pains (open for empathy with the Customer). Only after that you will ideate (look for solutions) to address ONLY what you found out from Customers. The resulting products will be the sexiest products that they have ever used.

Show time – we will take a product – fitbit – and illustrate a couple of features built with Design Thinking.

Bogdan Muresan

Bogdan Mureșan, Senior Director of Engineering

Passionate about technology, I slowly moved from finding challenges through code writing to building teams and work with them to do find new challenges. I am adding to this passion a fast growing love for sharing my knowledge and experience through articles and public speaking, things which I never thought I would have the courage to go for.


Presentation Title: Product Mindset - A Big Step In Software Development I Download the presentation here!

Find out how to move a big step ahead of being order takers who just fulfill the requirements that are given. Instead of that, the drive is to work toward a mindset focused on creating organisational outcomes, experimenting, learning and creating evolving products and teams.

Iustinian Sovrea

Iustinian Șovrea, PMP, PHD

The last 13 years I worked on projects in different areas: IT projects, European funded projects, research projects, cultural projects. During the last  years, I was involved in the development of two important projects for the Cluj-Napoca innovation ecosystem: Cluj IT Cluster and Cluj Innovation City. Currently, I work as a Project Manager in a software company.

Presentation Title: Postmodern Organizational Challenges I Download the presentation here!

Management has shifted approaches during time, working methodologies have been improved, others emerged, but the challenges never stopped to occur. Why agile? Why adapt? Why care? During the presentation we will try to understand the bigger picture in order to perform better in our micro universe.

Alex Ursa

Alex Ursa – Product Delivery Manager

Alex has a more than 7 years’ experience in Product Development & Management, eCommerce and Online Marketing.
Alex is working as a Product Manager at Paddy Power Betfair. Before he was a Product Owner for Betfair and Executive Director at Netlogiq.
Alex has given both technical and non-technical talks, as well as PO trainings, in more than 35 national and international talks and workshops at.

Alex is a Certified Scrum Product Owner and also a Google Analytics Certified Individual, with more than 5 years’ experience in IT products & projects.

Presentation Title: Product Owners in Real Agile Life I Download the presentation here!

A short discussion about the challenges and tasks that are faced by Product Owners in a real agile environment.

We will cover items such as:

  • how to be an effective Product Owner
  • secrets when defining the scope
  • the importance of soft skills.

Catalin Golban

Cătălin Golban

Cătălin Golban joined Bosch in 2013 and is responsible for leading the video-based driver assistance and automated driving activities in Engineering Center Cluj. His motivation is the development of cutting edge technologies, making possible to transform state of the art research know-how into innovative automotive technologies, which are worthwhile goals for the current and future Bosch activities in this challenging field.

Presentation Title: Scaling agile for developing automated driving systems I Download the presentation here!

The presentation will focus on how agile principles can be applied for organizing and managing the complexity in big automotive systems where hundreds of people and cross-functional teams are involved, by decentralizing the decision making process, by applying the system thinking and by delivering value incrementally, while having a cross-team synchronization and the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers unlocked.

Adina Grigoroiu

Adina Grigoroiu, Trainer and Consultant

In the past five years, Adina has been involved in delivering training and consulting services for Colors in Projects, providing support in the planning, coordination and control of the projects for Romanian and International customers. She considers herself a constant student at the "Faculty of Life" and truly believes that everything can be overcome with a positive attitude.

Presentation Title: Procrastination – how to get the best out of it I Download the presentation here!

We shall discuss about what is and what is not procrastination, the main reasons why we do it, and most important how to be more effective and efficient knowing and accepting that we procrastinate on a daily basis.

Ciprian Sorlea

Ciprian Sorlea, CTO @ Nordlogic

I am passionate about technology and people, and I spend a great deal of time getting the two play nice together. All with the intent of building great Software Products. As an employee, consultant and business owner I had the great opportunity to work with and for companies ranging from Startups to Enterprises, and build products used by most of the Fortune 100 companies. Currently I am driving the Technology & Product Development strategy at Nordlogic Software, as its CTO.

Presentation Title: HEROES ARE AMONG US I Download the presentation here!

All your team members can be super heroes, as long as you know how to unleash their potential.  Join me for this talk to see how I usually do it.

Dan Suciu

Dan Mircea Suciu, of Global Learning and Development - 3Pillar Global 

Dan is Director of Global Learning and Development at 3Pillar Global and lecturer at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at “Babeş Bolyai” University from Cluj-Napoca.

He has more that 20 years of experience in software projects development, design and management. His fields of interest include software development methodologies, databases and object-oriented analysis and design.

Presentation Title: Agilis Humanum Est I Download the presentation here!

The talk is centered on the similarities between the logical levels of learning and change, developed by Gregory Bateson and the way a software development team is doing the transition to an Agile mindset.

Dan Calinescu

Dan Călinescu (Knowledge Manager)

Passionate about everything that involves product development, Dan has contributed throughout his career to the creation and launching of multiple web and mobile products. Dan is not only co-founder for 3 new start-ups in technology, but also the person who was involved in all aspects of product development - from idea to marketing, sales, design, development, launching and management. He is an advocate of open source and storytelling, but especially enthusiastic when it comes to education.

Presentation Title: Lessons learned from developing products I Download the presentation here!

The talk will present three of the most important lessons learned by Dan in his broad experience of developing products.