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Arik Diamant, Keynote Speaker

Presentation title: Working with a Non-Agile Customer

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We are Agile practitioners. We got it all figured out.
We know all the problems of the waterfall model (all 96), and we know how to solve them.
We understand that the Agile mindset is almost always superior to a rigid culture. We've seen it work.
Yet somehow, when we propose to a new customer to work "Agile" - the answer is almost always- NO.
In this year's Agile Mammoths keynote presentation we'll look into the reasons customers and stakeholders push back on Agile practices- and learn a few tricks that help us convert them to our side.


Arik Diamant - Entrepreneur, Product Manager and an Agile Coach

Arik first heard of the Agile Manifesto in 2005 when he was as a C++ programer. Since then he's been using the  Agile mindset as a secret power in a variety of roles: Team Leader, Product Manager, and eventually Entrepreneur.

Today Arik works as a Marketing Strategist, helping start-ups take off using: (you guessed it) Agile principles.

He lives in Israel, at the heart of Start-up Nation, with his wife and two boys. When not with his family, he's probably swimming along the shores of Tel Aviv.