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Don’t Trust Your Brain – Cognitive biases and how to fight against them


Presentation title: Don’t Trust Your Brain – Cognitive biases and how to fight against them

Project team members are required to make good decisions under huge amounts of pressure and time constraints. Studies confirm that 95% of these decisions are the result of an intuitive approach and not of rational logic. What can we do about it? In this highly interactive session, we will reveal some of the most critical mental traps that can impact our decisions and suggest practical ways to avoid them.


Simona Bonghez, Ph.D.

Simona Bonghez, PhD, trainer and consultant, Managing Director of Colors in Projects, has over 20 years of experience in delivering training and consulting services in management and project management. Simona thinks that she would not have come this far without a good sense of humor. She really believes that games and metaphors are powerful tools for having interactive and enjoyable experience sharing sessions, thus enforcing the learning process.

Dan Mircea Suciu, Ph.D.

Having over 20 years experience in software development projects, Dan possesses extensive knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspects of various project management methodologies, especially Agile Project Management.

Dan has over 8 years of experience of training in Managing Software Projects and Agile methodologies for software development, which are Bachelor and Master level courses  taught at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, where Dan is a Lecturer.