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The Art of Retrospection

The Art of Retrospection

This course is suitable for anyone involved in Scrum or Kanban teams who want to learn more about driving continuous improvement into teams through retrospection.

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Many organisations are adopting Agile approaches to improve their capability, however many teams forget or struggle to continuously improve. Being a ScrumMaster or Kanban Coach means that you need to know how to facilitate these session and get the best from your people.This 1-day course provides a great foundation for anyone wanting to learn more about creating, running and using powerful coaching questions to achieve results. We put theory into practice in each module through a number of exercises and simulations which are both enjoyable and instructive. Students will leave with tools they can use with their teams immediately. 

  • Understanding why we use retrospectives and the benefits they can give.
  • How Icebreakers can benefit you.
  • Learning about different types of retrospectives and when to use them.
  • Building a retrospective from scratch.
  • Facilitating a retrospective.
  • Dealing with common personalities and reading body language.
  • Using powerful questions & 5 why root cause analysis.
  • Creating actions & getting them delivered.
  • How improvement backlogs can keep the team focussed on continuous improvement. 


helen-meekHelen Meek

Helen is an outgoing Kanban coach and trainer who is passionate about working with individuals, teams and organisations on their road to agility. Helen is a Scrum and agile veteran having guided agile transformations in many different industries for over five years through both Scrum and Kanban. She brings this vast wealth of experience to her training and coaching, helping others gain the benefits that agility can bring. As a convinced agile evangelist, Helen is proud to be an Accredited Kanban Trainer with the Lean Kanban University and runs regular classes both publicly and privately. She is also an active speaker and mentor within the agile and Kanban communities. Helen founded the Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE) and Kanban Coaching Exchange (KCE) meetup groups, and has spoken at various Scrum Gatherings, Lean Kanban and XP (Extreme Programming) Conferences.