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Dan Mircea Suciu, Keynote Speaker

Presentation title: Reteaming

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Team performance and dynamics is a long-lasting concern. Interestingly, the most relevant theories in this area were developed more than 50 years ago and all of them agree on the fact that team stability is an important success factor of a project.

Even in Agile world where embracing change is one of the most important principles, stable teams are considered absolutely essential to achieve high performance. What if these theories are not valid anymore and by reteaming (destabilizing/rebuilding teams) we could actually increase the performance of our projects?


Dan Mircea Suciu, Trainer and Coach

Dan is senior trainer, consultant and coach at Colors in Projects  and lecturer at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at “Babeş Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca.

He has more that 20 years of experience in software projects development, design and management. His fields of interest include Agile software development methodologies, object-oriented analysis & design and databases.