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WORKSHOP: Defuse the Bomb – SOS we need to communicate

Sebastian Toporjinschi

*  16 years in National Defense Structures
*  Graduated from ”United States Army Intelligence School” (USAIS), Fort Huachuca, USA and ”John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School” (JFKSWCS), Fort Bragg, USA
*  Experience in field of activity such as: Special Operation, Intelligence Analysis, Risk Analysis and High Risk Environment Assessment
*  Numerous deployments (6 years) in theaters of operations such as: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries from Middle East.

Ionut Tarcea

*  12 years of experience in organizational culture and innovation
*  8 years of top management in telecommunication sector
*  12 years of experience in entrepreneurship (Idei deHartie & Biciclop)
*  10 years of experience in coaching management teams
*  12 years experience in training and consultancy

Workshop: Defuse the Bomb – SOS we need to communicate

It is a communication exercise which is challenging the participants to work in teams of two to defuse a bomb.

The scenario puts one of the participants in front of a virtual bomb which he sees it on a monitor, but not having the knowledge to defuse it, has to call on one of his sapper colleagues. The latter has all the necessary knowledge (in the form of a manual) to defuse several types of bombs, but he is not allowed to see the bomb.

The two need that under time pressure to coordinate in such a manner, so that together to be able to defuse the bomb.

At the end of the exercise: participants are aware of the importance of a productive and efficient communication in problem solving, specific "pitfalls" in communication, the role of perception in communication; managing to improve their ability to communicate on restrictive channels in a agile manner.