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Katherine Kirk – keynote speaker

katerine kirkKatherine Kirk - Agile/Lean Coach and Researcher

Katherine is a solidly experienced independent Agile/Lean Coach and regular international conference speaker. Her primary area of expertise lies in co-discovery and insight facilitation through exploring and combining eastern and tribal philosophy to find practical answers to tough, on-the-ground issues, specifically involving contextually driven edge-cases and the cultural interaction between hierarchical management and Agile/Lean teams. After gaining a first class BSc (Hons) in computing she completed post graduate studies in software engineering at University of Oxford and currently enjoys being an active participant of a community of Lean and Agile practitioners in Europe who explore and challenge the status quo through experimenting and collaborating.


Presentation title:  Collaboration, Continuousness & Consequence

Continuous improvement, continuous delivery, continuous innovation. It all sounds impressive when its just words, but if you've ever tried to bring this kind of culture into an enterprise or division, you know just how quickly 'continuousness' becomes hell when dealing with difficult people and challenging ever-changing environments. It takes a very different, realistic approach.
In this talk, Katherine draws on her real world experience and utilises lenses inspired by Eastern and Tribal philosophical models to highlight the new challenges she has seen on the ground for Agile/Lean teams - and to give practical ideas on how to deal with it.