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Boardgame: PM Galaxy


Come and play! Join us on a journey across the Projects’ Galaxy where we’ll have as a guide the first Romanian Project Management boardgame.

This game aims to test your project management knowledge and skills in a fun, challenging route, where the only constant is the struggle for resources. There are five projects in the game, each coordinated by a player. Projects have their own objectives, but are interdependent. The player who completes the project and meets the success criteria listed in the project description wins the game.

The game follows closely the Project Management phases. In the Initiation and Planning phases players choose to respond or not to Quizzes (Resources are obtained in exchange for correct answers); in the Execution phase Challenges will force players to decide to cooperate or not with other projects, resources being common and limited. However, if they decide to go through Reporting positions, they have the chance to get a Stakeholder’s Support Resource.

In the Closing phase, players get their last chance to gather the necessary Lessons Learned to finish the game.