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Training: Building a Start-up A to Z using the LEAN STARTUP framework

Arik Diamant - Entrepreneur, Product Manager and an Agile Coach

Arik first heard of the Agile Manifesto in 2005 when he was as a C++ programer. Since then he's been using the  Agile mindset as a secret power in a variety of roles - Team Leader, Product Manager, and eventually Entrepreneur.

Today Arik works as a Marketing Strategist, helping start-ups take off using: (you guessed it) Agile principles.

He lives in Israel, at the heart of Start-up Nation, with his wife and two boys. When not with his family, he's probably swimming along the shores of Tel Aviv.


Training: Building a Start-up A to Z using the LEAN STARTUP framework

Agenda: 9:00 - 17:00

Many of us are closet entrepreneurs. We have this great idea for a start-up, it's going to be a hit, we just know it.

The truth is - a good idea is just a starting point. Building a start-up is a journey, and not an easy one.

In this workshop we'll learn about the main milestones of this journey: Vision, Branding Launch, Product- Market Fit, Funding, Marketing, Pivoting. We'll also propose 3 great things you can do with 1 Billion Dollars (you can never be too ready).

Bring your ideas. We'll use the LEAN STARTUP framework to work on your own dream company. 

Lean Startup is a framework useful for anyone doing anything in conditions of uncertainty. We'll see how to use it not just for start-ups but also for everyday challenges in our professional and even personal life.