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Workshop: Slicing Product Backlog Items

ColorsMany of the teams I have coached in the past gain some of their greatest benefits through good preparation prior to implementing features in their product.  Referred to as backlog grooming, backlog refinement or getting backlog items ready.  A key ingredient is getting some of the team members spending some of their time working ahead, for the team, to vertically slice features.

Done well this is the foundation for Agile teams building a coherent product that focuses on the highest value work, enables them to work at a sustainable pace, complete backlog items in a sprint and hit deadlines though clear alignment with business priorities, and allow Product Owners to make informed scope decisions.  I witness many team struggling with this.

In this hands on session the attendees work in small groups (4 to 7).  Working through a simulation that for an online digital product, through role playing the team will explore and apply a number of slicing techniques and tools to collaborate and break down the work.

I have successfully used these tools and techniques on a number of coaching engagements attendees can start using them immediately. This exercise will be available through creative commons after the session.


Target Audience

Analysts, Developers, Testers and their managers, User Experience Designers, Agile Coaches in fact anyone working with teams or product backlogs on a daily basis.  For intermediate level practitioners.


matt-roadnightMatt Roadnight 

Matt is a Certified Scrum Trainer, personal and Agile Coach and with 25 years of  broad technology delivery experience with blue chip organisations in change, operational support models, cost justification, programme and portfolio management and solution delivery.

Since 2004 Matt has been using his breadth of experience to evolve teams and organisations to be more Agile in their delivery and management of products.