MEETUP: True Colors of Product Ownership
June 23, 2021 – 18.30
This webinar, using examples, will look at the inter-dependency between products projects, programs, and projects. The webinar will highlight the need for project managers to understand the relationship between projects and products to support organizations in implementing strategy and to deliver successful projects and products.
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WEBINAR: Fantastic Tools and Where To Find Them
September 21, 2021 – 18.30
Join us for an interactive session in which you will make decisions with the help of the Ethics Toolkit for Project Management practitioners. Case studies (ethical dilemmas) derived from our project managers’ life will be presented and discussed, available tools will be proposed and applied. As both Simona and Fabio are fans of fantasy movies, the presentation will link the tools with magical creatures and their incredible abilities. Join us for a very practical session in which you – the audience – will tame the fantastic beasts/tools! 😊.
WEBINAR – Hosted by PMI Romania Chapter
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Cluj IT Days, 8th Edition: November 10 – 11, 2020
This year’s theme will be #ScienceFiction.
2 days I 4 stages I 18 domains I 60+ presentations I 70+ speakers I 1000+ participants I .
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International Project Leadership Conference (IPLC): September 27-28, 2019
We are glad to recommend all of you the 3rd edition of IPLC – EVOLUTION, to be held in Bucharest, 27-28 of September 2019 at Intercontinental Hotel! The participation at this event will offer you the opportunity to meet, connect and collaborate with valued members and stakeholders of the project management Community. In addition, you will have the amazing chance to attend workshops held by local and internationally recognized leaders who will pass over their knowledge so you can drive growth and effectively handle change in your organization. Hosted by PMI Romania Chapter with the support of wonderful volunteers and partners, the conference will offer both presentations and workshops leaving you the option to choose the ones that best fit your business needs.
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Learning Network Festival, 7th Edition: October 2-4, 2019
The event will cover 3 topics: learning 2020, engaging learners & l&d as a business partner.
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Cluj IT Days, 7th Edition: November 12 – 13, 2019
This year’s theme will be #ProgrammingARt. Obviously, the event focus on development as art. Moreover, they try to highlight the connections between art by and large, as field of creativity, and development. They have a couple of surprises which will make the conference even more interesting. IT Days 2019 will take place on the 4 stages at Casa de Cultură a Studenților (Students’ Cultural Hall) in Cluj-Napoca. Are expected 800 – 1000 participants/ day. The main topics: Products & Leadership, AI, Automotive, Industry 4.0, Testing, Serverless and Microservices, AR and VR, Security, Management, SAP, Agile, Research, Web, Start-ups, Software Architecture, Coding, DevOps and Hands on lab. One of the most influential people in European technology will join IT Days 2019. Guess who is it ?
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