OKRs in an Agile World
MEETUP: OKRs in an Agile World

July 29, 2021 I 18:30 – 20.30

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Mastering the Agile mindset could be the equivalent of mastering the art of doing the right things right. We need to strategically plan our mid-long term game and execute on the short one. We will focus on quick and meaningful learnings and changing the course based on our learnings. But quick execution, learning and changing doesn’t mean that we don’t execute based on a strategy.

OKRs are a great tool which we can use to push us to be strategic when we plan our next quarter moves, half a year, a year and so on. Defined right the OKRs will allow us to be generic enough, through Objectives, to guide the way and specific enough, through Key Results, to understand data based if we our decisions are right and change the course otherwise.

This webinar will walk us through the two worlds and show how can they “collide” successfully. Will show how to define good OKRs so that our strategy focuses on the right things and increases our chances to meet the customer needs. And will show how can we get to operational efficiency by executing with an Agile mindset.

Speaker: Bogdan Mureșan, Senior Trainer and Agile Strategist