Agile Excellerate – Assess and boost your progress toward real agility

About Agile Excellerate

Agile Excellerate is a complex reporting tool, based on a questionnaire, that provides a deep view of the intangible aspects of Agile mindset, the ones that are making or breaking a great team.

Its purpose is to assess team members’ understanding of Agile principles, values and good practices. It also highlights potential issues related to trust, team cohesion, commitment, constructive conflicts and accountability.

Expected results:
  • Provides realistic metrics about Agile teams mindset
  • Evaluates teams progress toward Agile values, principles and good practices
  • Gives leaders an idea about most probable causes for troubles
  • Guides the teams toward self-improvement
  • Provides a company-wide rating of Agile excellence
  • Can be used to assess the propensity toward Agile of new teams