Agile Talks 2023
ABOUT: Agile Talks 2023

MODERATOR: Ciprian Sorlea, CTO @ Nordlogic Software

I am passionate about technology and people, and I spend a great deal of time getting the two play nice together. All with the intent of building great Software Products.

As an employee, consultant and business owner I had the great opportunity to work with and for companies ranging from Startups to Enterprises and build products used by most of the Fortune 100 companies. For over 20 years I wrote software, I recruited/ coached and managed several hundreds talented engineers, designers and managers and I brought tens of products to life. And I loved (almost) every bit of this.

Currently I am driving the Technology & Product Development strategy at Nordlogic Software, as its CTO.

Ruxandra Banici, Head of Delivery@Zenitech

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My IT career is almost of the same age as Google, which I am profoundly grateful for every time my children have questions like Do wombats really poop cube-shaped?
I am curious by nature and maybe because of this I have tried as many roles as I could so far, ranging from developer to team leader, delivery director, product owner and tester.

Presentation: Focusing on the human factor in your stakeholder management strategy

As “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” or for lunch, depending on where you are quoting from, I think Human nature eats stakeholder management for supper. Going beyond stakeholder maps and engagement models, I want to tell you what I’ve applied and learned in the past years about this vast topic.

Dan Mocan – Business Development Partner @ X2 Mobile, Founder The Box Barbell Club

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  • Trainer and Consultant (Project Management, Change Management, Agile)
  • Delivery Assurance Manager @Betfair Romania Development
  • Project, Program, Portfolio Manager @Betfair Romania Development

Presentation: Going back to the roots is a step forward!

We all work with different groups, and teams and most of us apply the same processes, let’s call them agile. What we usually tend to forget is that we work with people!
The groups, the teams, and the boards are made up of individuals with their own views and principles, and biases.
Let’s deep dive into this for a bit!

Sergiu Pocan – Business Analyst @Evozon

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Involved in the software development industry for 17 years.
Started as software developer, then became team lead, scrum master and finally business analyst.

Was part of projects that included agile requirements workshops and projects that didn’t and was able to see what a difference a good workshop makes. I’m also passionate about infomercials.

Presentation: Agile Requirements Workshop 

In this talk you’ll see the steps required to run a successful agile requirements workshop and a very handy technique that will help you be well prepared to rock your next workshop.

Ovidiu Mățan, Founder @ Today Software Magazine,, Organizer @ IT Days & The Developers

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I was Senior Software Engineer at Gemini Solutions and Product Manager at Nokia for Ovi Sync service.
I am also PMI Certified PMP – Project Management Professional.

Presentation: The Power of One

This talk will be about the individual power to complete projects vs a team effort.
What is more important? To have a project executed with minimum resources vs. having a nice familly of senior and junior people around.

John Bax, International Trainer – Coach – Consultant OD/HRD

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John is a senior international trainer, coach and consultant in the field of organizational- and human resources development. He is driven by the strong belief that organizations and people have more potential than they show, and he focuses on supporting them to make the small differences that make the decisive difference.

Presentation: Positive Psychology in organizations: from philosophy to practical application!

Why do we focus on improving weaknesses, instead of cultivating strengths? And why do we focus on failures and how to avoid or correct them, instead of building on the success factors of a project? Maybe you can explain it to me during our session, because I don’t get it….

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