Agile Talks 2024
ABOUT: Agile Talks 2024

MODERATOR: Ciprian Sorlea, Head of Technology @Arobs Group

I am passionate about technology and people, and I spend a great deal of time getting the two play nice together. All with the intent of building great Software Products.

As an employee, consultant and business owner I had the great opportunity to work with and for companies ranging from Startups to Enterprises and build products used by most of the Fortune 100 companies. For over 20 years I wrote software, I recruited/ coached and managed several hundreds talented engineers, designers and managers and I brought tens of products to life. And I loved (almost) every bit of this.
Descarcă prezentarea ”Agile Thornadoes – The Villain Story” AICI!
Descarcă prezentarea ”Agile Thornadoes – The Hero Story” AICI!

Sergiu Pocan, Senior Trainer @Colors in Projects

With 18 years of experience in the development of software projects, Sergiu went from programmer to team lead, software delivery manager and then business analyst.

Of those 18 years, 12 were spent in Paris, with a company that allowed him to travel on business to various corners of Europe and North America, learning different ways to approach situations and interact with people.

Returning to the country in 2018 opened up new opportunities for him to be a speaker at various events, write specialized articles and help colleagues in the company and clients make the transition to the role of business analyst.

Presentation: Product Owners: Villains or Superheroes?

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The collaboration between the product owner and the team is crucial for the success of the projects and products.
Have you ever worked with a product owner who seemed to be a superhero? Have you met product owners who behaved like villains?
In this presentation we will see what makes a product owner a superhero or a villain and what you can do as a team member to transform the collaboration into a successful one.

Florian Georgescu, Agile Coach @Colors in Projects

Florian began his agile journey in 2010 when, as part of a product team, he learned about agile principles and the Scrum method. His journey also involved personal challenges he faced as a Scrum Master when he had to step out of his comfort zone and go abroad to experience firsthand what it’s like to be part of an agile organization.

He has worked both in startups and medium to large organizations as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and as the leader of a team of Scrum Masters.

Presentation: They’ve told me I’m a Scrum Master: Who is coaching the coach?

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In the realm of agile practices, the question of who coaches the agile coaches is both intriguing and essential. Agile coaches and Scrum Masters often work with teams and organizations to facilitate the adoption of agile methodologies, but they too require support, guidance, and continuous learning. In this talk we will focus on the importance of coaching and provide some tools that can be used by any agile coach or scrum master in pursuing his professional growth.

Ioana Iusco – Senior QA Engineer @Mindera

Ioana is an experienced mobile tester and test lead, as well as a great facilitator of the agile development processes, guiding cross-functional teams to collaborate seamlessly throughout the product development lifecycle.

She has been wandering the realms of software testing for over a decade now, with a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset. Ioana is always on the look-out for new ways to improve and grow
herself and people around her.

Presentation: Avenging Agile: Battling the Misused Concepts

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Unleash your inner Agile Avenger and join the battle against misused concepts – unravel the enigma of story points, unmasking the hidden villains that distort this crucial metric.

Step into the shadows of the daily stand-up as you decode the misconceptions surrounding the three seemingly innocent questions and explore the dangers of over-helpful servant leaders, ensuring your leadership style remains a force for good.

Anda Nicola, Head of Technology @Flutter Studios & Coach @Mazi

A leader with a passion for building high-performing teams, Anda excels at delivering results by combining strategic thinking, analytical prowess, and a dedication to fostering employee growth. Anda thrives in fast-paced environments, fostering collaboration and clear communication with Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid methodologies.
Her dedication to people fuels highly motivated teams consistently exceeding expectations, and she achieves this through mentorship and support, fostering a collaborative and empowering environment.

Madalina Marincas, Executive Coach @Mazi

Madalina leverages her psychology background and technical project management expertise to help organizations achieve goals globally. With a focus on structure, clarity, and empathy, she fosters a positive environment. She has experience with mobile and web initiatives, utilizing Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid methodologies for transparent project delivery and risk management. Her passion for learning extends to soft skills training & coaching, where she empowers others.

Presentation: Does an Agile Coach Need Coaching Skills?

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Imagine Black Widow not just fighting but also masterfully guiding her teammates. Just like that, every agile coach could be a coaching powerhouse.

This session dives into the essential coaching skills: active listening to understand your team’s needs, building rapport for a safe space of learning, and asking powerful questions that spark critical thinking and unlock individual potential. We’ll also explore self-awareness – recognizing your own biases and limitations – to ensure effective coaching and foster a growth mindset within your team.

By mastering these skills, you’ll become the ultimate guide for your agile team, leading them to achieve their superhero goals together!

Key Takeaways:

  • Transform into a coaching powerhouse – essential to guide and empower your agile team.
  • Master the art of listening, building rapport, and asking powerful questions.
  • Develop self-awareness and unlock your full coaching potential.

Nicoleta PFEFFER-BARBELA, Certified Mindfulness Facilitator – ReBalance Programs for Leaders & Teams, STILLNESS Mindfulness Center (AT & RO), founder

Nicoleta started 2015 to blend a previous career in social economics with mindfulness. Her passion for „conscious breathing and being in the world“ focused further on restoring wellbeing within city landscape & busy offices of Vienna (citySTILLE). The ReBALANCE Programs are a Wow! mindfulness & meditation tool for stimulating change among busy teams and organisations in Austria and Romania. She uniquely combines her skills and extensive experience as an inspiring 300+ Mindfulness Speaker, Workshops or Retreats facilitator.

Presentation: The Connection Experiment I Mindfulness is connecting people!

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Wheather you are working onsite or remote as part of a team – there is a one main element that allows you to deliver great results – the feeling of connection. As we all now know by today – the hybrid work environment is here to stay and one of the major concerns team leaders have, is how to ensure and sustain a high-level of engagement among the tech project teams, so that they feel a sense of purpose, connectedness and well being.

How do we cultivate this? Let’s make an experiment!


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