AGILE TRAINING Flight Levels (level 2)
ABOUT: AGILE TRAINING Flight Levels (level 2)

AGILE TRAINING Flight Levels (level 2)
Trainer Cliff Hazell, March 29, 2024, 09:00 -17:00

All teams need to collaborate with others, and have dependencies which can’t be resolved by or within the team. When we focus on teams alone doesn’t fix our bigger issues, and limits our impact on the business as a whole. Instead if we look at the org as teams of teams operating together, we can find higher leverage improvements.


What we will learn:

  • Understanding the dynamics of flow within the organization
  • Recognizing the significance of enhancing all three Flight Levels
  • Exploring the unique characteristics of each flight level
  • Identifying key areas of focus within each flight level
  • Exploring the reasons and methods for interconnecting the levels