Bogdan Moineagu, Game Designer & Co-Founder at Abris Games/strong>

Bogdan is a game designer & facilitator, with an experience of over 5 years in the L&D field. His passion for designing games came from a young age when he first put his hands on his first board game.

In 2018 he joined a small team from Romania, where he started to create his first board game for learning, Before Mars.
Since 2022, he co-founded Abris Games, where he strongly leads forward his way into game-based learning with passion, curiosity and courage.


Valentin Stoica, Trainer @Colors in Projects/strong>

Valentin Stoica is a PhD student and assistant professor at the Faculty of Management, SNSPA.
He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bucharest and subsequently completed a master’s program in project management at SNSPA.

He began his training activity within the Students Association of Mathematics and Computer Science, where he successively held the positions of PR & Marketing Department Director and Vice President, and later joined the Colors in Projects team.
In his free time, he is passionate about airplanes and aims to obtain a pilot license for ultralight aircraft.

Board Game: Before Mars

Before Mars is a cooperative simulation disguised as a massive board game where teams of people figure out the best way to work together and finish challenging projects.

The game works great to uncover the hidden assumptions and norms that are present inside a work group or an entire organization. The simulation centers around two key concepts: cooperation and change.

While cooperation deals with people’s abilities and desire to work together to accomplish a meaningful task, change challenges the group to fix problems, be flexible, take the right decisions and focus on the right things.

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