Contracts, the silent killer of delivery
ABOUT: Contracts, the silent killer of delivery

Emanuel Martonca | Founder, Pricing Strategist at Soft Fight

My whole professional life is about software, algorithms, pricing.
11 years of sales and pricing experience in the software industry.
300+ negotiations for software development projects and complex software + hardware implementations.
55+ pricing optimization projects for software companies, helping them increase revenues and profits.

Workshop: Contracts, the silent killer of delivery

The quest for successful delivery of working software is like a game for many agile teams. But at times it doesn’t end well.

When projects take a bad turn, customers are quick to react, rightly so. A positive collaboration with a customer will turn into an infinite stream of accusations. The game devolves into a war of words.

Who is to blame? Is it the team? The process? The wrong mindset? The lack of vision for the product? Our age of constant interruptions, derailing the team? Who is the ultron of agile projects?

It could be the contract.
The contract you sign for your software project might be doing you a lot more harm than you think. The structure, the metrics, how risks are managed, billing cycles, terms of delivery. All of these matter.
All and any of these can derail your agile project.

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