I’m really good at multitasking
ABOUT: I’m really good at multitasking

Adina Grigoroiu – Project Portfolio Manager @Allianz Services

For the past 10+ years, I have been wandering the realm of Project Management in various roles (project manager, trainer, consultant, project portfolio manager), which has helped me gain perspective into the complexities of getting things done while navigating stakeholders’ requirements, business needs, and systemic/ organizational constraints and mindsets.
While there is no “one-size-fits-all” recipe to successful value delivery, I am a firm believer that an Agile mindset is key to finding the one that best fits our context.

Adrian Arama – Process Coordinator/Project Portfolio Mngmt @ AZ Servicess

I have caught the project management bug from a wonderful college teacher and I have been doing project management related things ever since. Currently involved in the realm of “Agilization” of a very traditional domain, as insurance business.

As almost anything in day-to-day life can be classified and processed as a “project”, I am a big believer in tailoring and picking the best of both worlds.

Presentation: I’m really good at multitasking.

Join us for an agile game where you’ll learn, by experimenting, what hinders productivity and what we can do to optimize value delivery.
True to our habit of using practical activities and experiential learning, we will carry out a simulation to help us better understand estimations vs. reality, the factors that influence the duration of the planned activities, and ways to reduce time allocated to execution.
To spice things up, we will also add costs and “role playing” as clients and implementers, to enable those ‘Aha!’ moments, more precious than any reading.
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