Training: Practical Product Management for product owners
ABOUT: Training: Practical Product Management for product owners

Chris Lukassen, Keynote Speaker

Founder of Product Dojo | CPO @Expandior | martial arts practitioner ­čąő| Speaker | Author | Blogger

From coding real time operating systems to running 9 teams in a multi-million product development, from garage startups to global giants like TomTom and Saab, from utter failure to CES award winning products. Chris has a huge experience base to draw from when it comes to agile product management.
He is on a mission to teach people how they can create products in such a way that they can never imagine going back. He authored The Product Samurai, and his next book, scheduled to be released in March 2023, explores the stances of the product manager and which battle tested techniques will make you win.

Training: Practical Product Management for product owners

Successful Scrum requires a product owner that has mastered product management, but what are behaviours and tools that work for you as a product owner? Using the stances of the product owner we explore what makes you successful in representing customers, being a visionary, making better decisions, collaborate and influence tough stakeholders and avoiding the build trap by running experiments.

The training includes the registration for the Professional Scrum Product Owner II (PSPO II) certification. This validates your understanding of advanced Professional Scrum Product Ownership, the Scrum framework and delivering valuable products.