Scrum vs. Kanban 2: Mining in Wakanda
ABOUT: Scrum vs. Kanban 2: Mining in Wakanda

Sergiu Pocan, Senior Trainer @ColorsInProjects

With 18 years of experience in the development of software projects, Sergiu went from programmer to team lead, software delivery manager and then business analyst.

Of those 18 years, 12 were spent in Paris, with a company that allowed him to travel on business to various corners of Europe and North America, learning different ways to approach situations and interact with people.

Returning to the country in 2018 opened up new opportunities for him to be a speaker at various events, write specialized articles and help colleagues in the company and clients make the transition to the role of business analyst.

Workshop: Scrum vs. Kanban 2 – Mining in Wakanda

Scrum and Kanban methodologies can seem complex and sometimes challenging to apply. If you’re seeking practical answers and a deeper understanding of the differences between these two Agile approaches, we invite you to join this workshop.

You’ll have the opportunity to discover through a simulation how Scrum and Kanban work in practice. From ‘WIP limits’ to ‘continuous flow,’ you’ll be able to see and experience how these concepts translate into real benefits for your projects. All of this while mining for vibranium in Wakanda.