Team Topologies and Ways of interaction
ABOUT: Team Topologies and Ways of interaction

Sînziana Popa, Senior Trainer & Agile Coach @ColorsInProjects

Sînziana has over 15 years of experience in project delivery, both in predictive approaches and using Agile methodologies, including Agile at Scale.

Her initial steps in training and coaching took place within the companies she was part of, naturally progressing to collaborate with Colors in Projects for delivering training and coaching to an even larger audience.

The values Sînziana exemplifies are closely linked to the power of ‘in-field’ experience, in the real world of IT projects, the necessity for evolution and progression towards new tools and methodologies to meet the needs of an industry in constant and accelerated change. She does this with a maximum curiosity for new processes, an openness to experimentation, and sharing discovered information and tools.

Workshop: Team Topologies and Ways of interaction

Well… Time has come to also discuss organizational architecture for our teams.

So… We will have a look at an adaptive model that we can use when forming and enabling teams to meet their challenges or helping existing teams become more effective în value delivery.

Beware! We won’t talk about Scrum or Kanban. But we will touch different approaches on how teams could interact and interrelate, going towards a self-steering organization.