Workshop: How to rock your next requirements workshop
ABOUT: Workshop: How to rock your next requirements workshop

Sergiu Pocan, Senior Trainer @ ColorsInProjects

  • With 17 years of experience in the development of software projects, Sergiu went from programmer to team lead, software delivery manager and then business analyst.
  • Of those 17 years, 12 were spent in Paris, with a company that allowed him to travel on business to various corners of Europe and North America, learning different ways to approach situations and interact with people.
  • Returning to the country in 2018 opened up new opportunities for him to be a speaker at various events, write specialized articles and help colleagues in the company and clients make the transition to the role of business analyst.

How to rock your next requirements workshop

One of the main duties of the business analyst is to obtain the requirements for the project. Often, however, in the absence of a business analyst, the project manager or Product Owner – in Agile projects – assumes this responsibility.
What are those techniques that can ease his burden? The requirements workshop is one of the most powerful requirements extraction techniques. It allows us to identify a considerable number of requirements in a short period of time and obtain the consent of the interested parties.
We invite you to discover – with us – how to maximize the results of such a workshop.

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