Ciprian Sorlea, CTO @ Nordlogic Software

I am passionate about technology and people, and I spend a great deal of time getting the two play nice together. All with the intent of building great Software Products.

As an employee, consultant and business owner I had the great opportunity to work with and for companies ranging from Startups to Enterprises and build products used by most of the Fortune 100 companies. For over 20 years I wrote software, I recruited/ coached and managed several hundreds talented engineers, designers and managers and I brought tens of products to life. And I loved (almost) every bit of this.

Currently I am driving the Technology & Product Development strategy at Nordlogic Software, as its CTO.

Presentation Title: Building products for Mammoths 

What do Enterprises, Empires and Mammoths have in common?

Mădălina Marincaș, Project Manager @Betfair

  • Happy Project Manager with more than 8 years’ experience in IT industry and international NGOs.
  • Active learner.
  • Curious globetrotter.

Presentation Title: Can a project manager be customer focused?

  • Why are we doing what we’re doing?
  • What’s in it for the end customers?
  • Can a Project Manager really influence the end result and make a difference for the end user?

John Bax, International Trainer – Coach – Speaker

John is a senior trainer, coach and speaker in the field of organizational and human resources development. Over the many years of his experience he developed into a professional working with boards, management teams and sales teams of multinational and international organizations both in Western and Eastern Europe. He is driven by the strong belief that organizations and people have more potential than they show, and he focuses on supporting them to make the small differences that make the decisive difference.

Presentation Title: How To Avoid That Your Most Natural Qualities Become Ineffective 

Each of us has natural qualities. Qualities we have since we can remember. And because they are so natural to us, we tend to use them anywhere and anytime. By far in most cases we and others benefit from them. But in some cases they become ineffective. The good news is that there are ways in which you can avoid it!

Ruxandra Banici, Senior Delivery Manager @Zenitech

My IT career is almost of the same age as Google, which I am profoundly grateful for every time my children have questions like Do wombats really poop cube-shaped?

I am curious by nature and maybe because of this I have tried as many roles as I could so far, ranging from developer to team leader, delivery director, product owner and tester.

Presentation Title: Agile killed the Project manager

…and it left a grey area of responsibilities split between different roles, which actually do project management while they have another focus and in many cases no project management training.

Is there still a need for project management activities in Agile teams or are we just resisting the retirement of a job? Join me for a talk and some ideas sharing.

Cristian Cazan – Director IT Solutions @Banca Transilvania

Work Hard.

Stay Humble.

Remain grateful.

Enjoy the journey.

Presentation Title: To Be or Not to Be … Product?

Should I choose to work in a Product or Outsourcing Company?

How to choose what’s best for me?

What are the pros and cons for each?

As always … the answer is  … “it depends”.

Sergiu Pocan – Business Analyst @Evozon

Involved in the software development industry for 14 years.

Started as software developer, then became team lead, scrum master and finally business analyst.

Was part of projects that included agile requirements workshops and projects that didn’t and was able to see what a difference a good workshop makes.

Presentation Title:  Agile Requirements Workshop 

In this talk you’ll see the steps required to run a successful agile requirements workshop and a very handy technique that will help you be well prepared to rock your next workshop.

Daniela Stuparu, Scrum Master @SDL

Daniela is very passionate about Agile methodologies.

With 14 years of experience in the Software Development field, out of which about 8 as Scrum Master, she enjoys guiding the teams through the Agile principles and rules.

Daniela is currently working as a Scrum Master for SDL Language Technology.

As a coach, she had projects as: training sessions and workshops for various Agile teams, and also trainings for kids in order to familiarize them with digital competences.

Presentation Title: An inside look into secrets of story points and Agile estimations

One of the main topics of discussion for the teams is estimating work effort in Agile projects.
Every one of us was asked at some point to estimate the effort required for a particular activity.
However, teams tend to have many difficulties in the estimation process.
Some suggestions addressed at this session might really help in estimating efficiently in an Agile environment.

Andreea Pârvu– People Operations Business Partner @Endava

A “Visionary” who seeks information to generate possibilities and ideas, using flexibility and adaptable thinking to discover the best way of implementing them. Being open-minded and a fast learner, I am resourceful when solving problems. I could say I’m a true #PIONEER and an organized and mature #ENTP.

To summarize my professional approach in a few words: inventive and knowledgeable, always curious and continuously seeking to improve the processes. I’m keen on always finding that deeper understanding, and this drives me and opens my perspective towards a diversity of projects and tasks.

Presentation Title: (S)Now Boarding Leadership


When was the last time you heard that growing your passions could help you become a better leader? Probably not very often. J

But I’m here to connect the dots. Just bare with me.

I’ve spent the last decade successfully nurturing the growth of three main areas: my passions, my team(s) and my organization. (S)now boarding Leadership was brought to life by the small hobbies that evolved into passions, fueling an incredible drive. You might think I’m crazy when I say that the success of one has a direct impact on the other, but give it a shot. These are the top similarities I’ve found with the help of my passions and my leadership journeys. Let’s discover them together.

More to come…