We’re all coaches 
ABOUT: We’re all coaches 

Keynote Speaker: Paul Klipp, Agile & Product Coach

Paul Klipp is an agile coach, trainer, and speaker with over twenty years’ experience in various IT roles spanning multiple industries on three continents.

He founded the oldest Ruby on Rails web development company in the world, one of the first online tools for distributed Kanban and the first agile conference in Poland.

Presentation Title: We’re all coaches

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Imagine a workplace where every individual actively champions the professional advancement and team success of their peers.

By embracing the core principles of coaching, we can collectively create an environment that not only nurtures safety and creativity but also enhances problem-solving skills, encourages constructive conflict, and fosters a zone of adaptability amidst challenging surroundings.

Together, we can create a snowball effect and turn our workspace into a dynamic arena where effective collaboration and personal growth thrive.