Training: Introduction to Flight Levels 2.0
ABOUT: Training: Introduction to Flight Levels 2.0

Cliff Hazell, Founder of Cognician Group | Coach | Speaker | Author

Over the course of two decades, Cliff Hazell has made a career out of breaking down the obstacles that stand in the way of great work. He challenges the status quo in his quest to develop the right culture and systems for creation of excellent companies and products.

After a tour of addresses across South Africa, Cliff moved to Sweden where he led a team of coaches at Spotify for 4 years as the company grew from 700 to 5000 people. Having co-founded the Flight Levels Academy in 2019, he now coaches private clients who are scaling up rapidly and guides them to create focus, find leverage, and build habits.

Training: Introduction to Flight Levels 2.0

The workshop will help you understand:
WHY organisations can tremendously improve their Business Agility by using Flight Levels
WHAT organisations are doing, when they apply Flight Levels in their context.

All teams need to collaborate with others, and have dependencies which can’t be resolved by or within the team. When we focus on teams alone doesn’t fix our bigger issues, and limits our impact on the business as a whole. Instead if we look at the organisation as teams of teams operating together, we can find higher leverage improvements.

Are you experiencing the pain of ineffective Digital and Agile transformation? Are you leading a transformation that you would like to succeed in?
We explore the common failures, what causes them, and the good news of how you can prevent these problems and be successful.

While there are common patterns, every company is different, and that difference is important. We can help you see the opportunity in the challenge, by focusing attention and asking helpful questions to find a solution fitted to your context.

• Everyone who is impacted by the organizational change
• Team Leads
• Managers on different levels
• Department Heads
• Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coaches
• Change Agents and all Agile minds

Date: March 29, 2024, 09:00-17:00 (lunch break and coffee breaks included);
The price includes training materials (electronic format), participant kit, and Certificate of Attendance.
The training provides 7 contact hours eligible for the PMI certifications exam;

Price: 650 € + VAT